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APPersonal Trainer

your training assistant

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APPersonal Trainer is an application for use at the gym, on the street or at home, where the user can quickly record their training and do it while the app automates the counting of sets, repetitions, rest time and displays more information quickly .
The workout is done with minimal interaction with your cell phone, as while the exercise is taking place, the application talks to you via audio, you just need to start the exercise, put your cell phone in your pocket and workout.


Functions that make your life easier

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Workout Log

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Exercise Count

To create your workouts within the app, just name and add the exercises. When creating an exercise, you will need to select the muscle group, exercise and fill in the number of sets, reps, runtime and rest time between each set. In the list of exercises you can see the average time it will take you to do that workout.

It is also possible to add aerobics within the workout log. Your workouts can be shared with other people generating a QRCode inside the app.

On the workout screen you will see the set, rep and rest time information that updates as you workout. When starting the exercise, the APPersonal Trainer will count the repetitions by audio, with the interval between each repetition based on the tempo you programmed, which helps you to standardize the movement time. When you finish all the repetitions, it starts the rest time and advances to the next set, repeating the process until the end of that exercise. The app automatically advances to the next exercise until the workout is complete.


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When you finish your workout it is automatically registered in your history within the app and you have the option to take a post-workout photo. This photo will be saved in the app folder for easy tracking of your progress! You can also share directly from the app to social networks and group of friends.

You can run on foot or cycling and register your route with the distance traveled, time and average speed. You can also share your running on social networks and show your performance to your friends.


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You can keep track of all your history in calendar format, where you'll see which days you worked out and you'll be able to access what workout you did on that day, it's a great way to check your workout frequency.

Water and Meal Reminder

You can schedule a water reminder to notify you at the time interval you choose to remind you to drink water, you have the option to click the button to record every time you drank water that day, this is also saved in history. You can also set alarms for meals at specific times.

Download it for free and follow us!

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