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We are Dan Studio Apps
We're here to give you free apps that will make your life easier

Our apps are developed thinking about making users' daily lives easier. Get to know a little more about each one.

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About Us

Learn more about our company's history and what we have done to improve our products.

Our team


Danilo Santos

CEO and Developer


Giovana Spuzzillo

Designer and Social Media

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Dan Studio Apps is a company focused on application development with the objective of making life easier for our users, using technology to solve common everyday problems, allowing them more time to better enjoy the important things in life and worry less with the small details of everyday life.


Uncomplicate life and make your precious time spent on what really matters.


Freedom: This is our main guide, we will always act for the freedom of each individual and we will work in whatever way possible to help them become more and more free.


Ethics: In order to have freedom, it is necessary to act ethically, recognizing the right of each individual. We are transparent with our work, our mission is to make life easier for everyone and we will do this in the most correct way we can.


Development: The company is not just about application development, we develop ourselves as professionals and as people, we seek improvement at all times to always deliver the best product for you.


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